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We're a document solutions company specializing in e-publishing for the legal market.

We publish digital bench books, provide mobile research for legal organizations, and develop utilities for iOS and Mac.


LawBox is now offering digital bench books for judicial organizations, backed by the full power of our research platform. Learn more.

We've finished our second round of annual updates and now have 2014 codes and court rules available for all our jurisdictions. Together with our earlier Arizona and Delaware updates, these bring California, Florida, Illinois, New York and the U.S. Code up to date for the new year.

As always, we offer all our materials as individual purchases or as part of a bulk download package; see LawBox for Individuals to learn more.

We're very pleased to announce that LawBox has partnered with the Texas Children's Commission to bring the Texas Child Protection Law Bench Book to our platform. The Bench Book was created by the commission as a guide to current relevant law for judges working with child protection cases. Our platform enhances the Bench Book with search and navigation features, and provides annotations to current Texas and Federal statutes, as well as relevant court decisions.

The Child Protection Law Bench Book is publicly accessible at