Welcoming the Texas Children's Commission

We're very pleased to announce that LawBox has partnered with the Texas Children's Commission to bring the Texas Child Protection Law Bench Book to our platform. The Bench Book was created by the commission as a guide to current relevant law for judges working with child protection cases. Our platform enhances the Bench Book with search and navigation features, and provides annotations to current Texas and Federal statutes, as well as relevant court decisions.

The Child Protection Law Bench Book is publicly accessible at benchbook.texaschildrenscommission.gov.

The Supreme Court of Texas Permanent Judicial Commission for Youth, Children and Families www.texaschildrenscommission.gov is a multidisciplinary executive-level group led by judges, created by The Supreme Court of Texas in 2007 to improve court performance in child abuse and neglect cases. The Commission exists to improve the judicial handling of child-protection cases systemically through improvements in technology, training, and court improvement pilot projects.